Simple, Clean, and Focused... Polar Caves, Park Safety & Covid-19

Our #1 goal is your safety during your's how:

6/8/20- Polar Caves is open for 2020. We are excited about opening up! In order to provide a safe and phased approach rock-climbing, the Maple Lodge, and Mining Sluice will be closed until 2021.

Polar Cave's response to Covid-19 follow procedures set forth by the CDC, OHSA, & NH Gov. Sununu's Task Force for both Universal and Sector Specific best practices. All guidelines are subject to change and will reflect the necessary steps to best comply as 2020 progresses.

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Guidelines are, but not limited to:

Staff Standards

  • Staff Members will be masked from arrival at the park until departure.
  • Frequent and/or high traffic transaction positions will be gloved.

    • All Staff are encourage to wear gloves.

  • Staff temperatures will be taken at the time of arrival and logged accordingly.
  • Staff running a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher will be required to return home.

    • Hand washing standards will be fully enforced.

  • All staff are expected to follow social distancing during work-time and breaks.
  • "See something, say something", our staff are expected to take an active role at all times in maintaining sanitation and the safety of our guests and staff.
  • Signs of illness while working will not be allowed, sick staff will stay home. Seasonal allergy folks, get ahead of your allergies to avoid confusion (allergy medicines, shots, etc.)

Guest Standards

  • Guests, we are thrilled to see you back! We appreciate your help through compliance and keeping everyone in mind.
  • Cave visitors will be have 2 hours to complete they cave tour, from their time of entry.
  • Along with our Covid-19 measures guest safety includes proper footwear and keeping an eye on the path (as opposed to a cell-phone).
  • If something requires our attention please report with any staff person.

    • We are all in this together and we WILL BE RESPONSIVE TO YOUR CONCERN.

  • Guests are required to wear masks at Polar Caves until further notice.

    • Please feel free to wear gloves.

  • Guest bookings are limited to no more than 10 in a group (6/5/2020), Polar Caves will adjust as regulations allow.
  • Please follow all social distancing guidelines, signs, and markings.
  • Caves tours will be booked Online; walk-in availability not guaranteed.

Facility Standards

  • Create 1-way shopping lanes for Gift Shop.
  • Create 1-way cave tour path (still allowing for cave bypass lanes).
  • Increased signage to help guests and staff navigate properly without confusion.
  • Increased access to multiple hand-sanitizer stations.
  • Plexiglass barriers at registers and check-outs.
  • Limited attractions in order to focus on sanitizing touch-points.
  • Frequent and logged sanitation of bathrooms and public spaces.

For questions or comments regarding Polar Caves response to Covid-19 please feel free to reach out:

Alex Templar
Polar Caves General Manager
Phone: 603.536.1888